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The Power of Float Therapy

While most people would consider me a very "go with the flow" kind of person, behind the scenes I am a notorious over-thinker. On most days of the week, my brain feels like an internet browser with multiple tabs open and thoughts scattered around like confetti.

Fortunately enough though, I found my new secret weapon for sorting my brain and battling stress: Float Therapy.

Yes, the concept is weird: you are floating naked in your own private sanctuary that is pitch black with no noise, and your body feels weightless. It might sound intimidating at first but the concept of float therapy (also known as Sensory Tank Deprivation) is actually pretty straight forward.

Consider it like a giant Epsom Salt bath in a small, dark chamber the size of a queen-sized bed with no lights and no sound. You lie in a pool of heavily salted water that is heated to body temperature causing your body to buoyantly float while all of your senses are simultaneously heightened and thwarted.

The result?

An hour of extreme relaxation, relief from bodily aches and pains, renewed focus, creativity, and a calming after effect. In the same way some of our best ideas are produced in the shower or during mindless car rides - floating compounds that effect.

I will admit, during the first five minutes of the float, I thought I had made a huge mistake. I felt low-key anxious until I gave into it. I definitely suggest going into the tank with things on your mind that are weighing you down. In my hour of isolation from the world, I was able to problem solve a crisis - free of distraction - which really helped me reunite with my intuition.

When I left the tank, I felt as though I was in another dimension - it was truly a hypnotic experience! My senses were heightened, my mood was elevated and my thoughts were clear. Not to mention, the salt made my hair extra shiny and my skin softer.

I can only speak to the float spa experience I’ve had at Infinity Float NYC but the facility was clean, the staff was helpful and everything is sanitized between clients. And as for those that are wondering about Covid, I’m not a doctor or epidemiologist but I can attest to the sanitary measures Infinity takes - it was extremely hygienic.

Anyways, I truly think everyone can benefit from floating and I liked it so much that Infinity was gracious enough to share a promo code with me so everyone can try this! Use the promo code ANTONIA for a discount to float!

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