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Is Seeing Believing or is Believing Seeing?

The most ridiculous purchase I made in all of 2020 is this here drawing.

During the 2nd month of quarantine, I came across a posting on Etsy where a “psychic artist” proclaimed I will draw your soulmate in 12 hours”.

Based solely off of my name and birthday, I received this drawing along with strict instruction not to reveal it to anyone for 8 months (the time frame it would take for me to meet him) or else it would “lead to an energy blockage” of my aura and mess up the connection.

Spoiler alert: this looks like no one I know and no one I met. Also, I hate goatees 😂

Total cost: $34.91

Along with this drawing, I was also given a brief bio:

The man that the cards revealed as being your soulmate is the most enthusiastic and optimistic man you have ever encountered. He is the kind of man who always chooses to see the glass half full. He loves to tell jokes as well.

He is a spontaneous man who always knows how to give the right answers in any situation. Usually he does not plan things, and he solves problems on the go with great success. He has a good sense of humor and will know how to conquer your heart, making you smile often. With him nothing will seem difficult. He has a passion for wildlife and would like to go on a safari to see everything with his very eyes.

He will listen to you carefully and will not hesitate to always help you when you need it. He is a man who copes well with stress and has the ability to distress those around him.

He is the life of the party, due to his talent for creating good atmosphere and fun all around him. But he is also a man who knows who he is and what he wants from life and is not satisfied with little. He is a good man who will help anyone who asks for it.

Right now your vibration levels aren’t aligned and calibrated towards each other and it could take 8 months before something will happen between you two.

Please be aware that opening the cards for your drawing is the equivalent of turning the face of the universe to your soul. The information you received is confidential and you should not release to any other soul because the consequences could lead to an energy blockage of your aura and it will interfere with the connection between you and him.

While this purchase was purely for fun, it did come with a dose of irony: I met someone awesome that looked completely different from the drawing!

My point?

Life happens the way it wants to. All any of us can do is the best we can. Wondering who or where your soulmate is in the world is the wrong question to be asking.

With most things in life - relationships especially - we have no idea what the future has in store for us. These events can't be predicted or scripted. That's what makes a relationship special - it's having faith in the unknown.

In other words, stop searching for certainty. After all, the beauty of trusting is in the not knowing.

Here's to 2021!

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