So a lot of you are probably wondering, “What is a relationship expert and how did you become one?” 


The short answer to how I got into this was that 12 years ago, I responded to a Craigslist ad for an internship at a dating company.  The long answer is that, I needed dating help myself.  


A late bloomer and a bit of a nerd growing up, I was always very shy when it came to guys. Whenever I try to explain this to my clients, they can’t believe I once was shy because my personality and teaching style is SO IN THEIR FACE. But yes, it’s true, I was once an awkward girl, bumbling through my high school and college years trying to navigate the dating scene. It wasn’t that guys didn’t like me...it's just that I would internally FREAK OUT when a guy did like me, even though that’s what I wanted. And then when I liked a guy, forget it, I was OBSESSED. Literally, my biggest problem in life was that I thought every guy I met could be the one. Do you see how this could complicate things?  















It wasn’t until I moved to Seattle when I was 23 that I really began to meet and date men. I even started to look like less of a nerd! But as any of my friends can attest, I made a lot of bad decisions in the name of love. I also learned the crappy meaning of unrequited love. 
















Yet, while I was screwing up left and right with my own dating life, (or in the words of my mom “gravitating towards degenerates” lol) I knew I wanted to help others with theirs. IT DIDN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.  When I think back to my very first client, I had NO clue what I was doing. Literally, no clue. Like I had no business giving someone advice about love. My only credentials were that I was a good listener, and I could pick up on things that weren’t being said, simply by reading a person's face. Call it a sixth sense, but more often than not, my assessments were spot on. And since it’s in my nature to be good at whatever I do, I learned how to help people.


For over a decade now, coffee shops have been my home. It is there that I sit across from men and women of all ages and backgrounds and listen to their problems about love and lack there of. By the power of time, I became regarded in the field and am often asked for my “professional opinion”. Shockingly enough, even I started listening to my own advice!













So without further ado, my hope for this site is to help you get what you want out of your dating life - or at least to help you enjoy what you have. My stories will help you navigate what you're doing (or not doing) and point you in the right direction. We all get lost once in a while, sometimes it's just a matter of needing to be pushed...or lovetapped.

That was me at 16! I was so awkward!  

Geno was my media name for a while in case you're wondering!