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For those awkward dating and relationship moments, when you’re caught up in self-doubt, insecurity, and perhaps even frustration, Antonia Greco is a shining star who always provides grounded, solid, and wise advice as a coach. Part of what makes Antonia such a great coach is her obvious experience and intelligence, combined with her very down-to-earth sensibility. I have presented Antonia with all kinds of scenarios – from early “asking the girl out” questions to “the date is scheduled, now what?” – and Antonia has provided excellent guidance every step of the way. From exactly what text message to send, to exactly which clothes to wear on the date, to how to ask the delicate questions, Antonia’s guidance has always been stellar. On a deeper level, beyond simply “how-to” advice, Antonia’s coaching also manages to teach me previously unknown things about myself, and even about life. Admittedly, at times Antonia’s counsel has taken me out of my comfort zone. It is perhaps in those circumstances that Antonia’s coaching has been the most valuable to me. Antonia has coached me to take action that I never would have taken on my own, and indeed, was difficult for me to do. The results were outstanding. Antonia Greco has my full endorsement and trust as a dating coach. Part sage, part trusted friend, Antonia has enriched my dating experience, and as a result, has enriched my life. -Jeff, 49

Antonia brings the female and feminine side of the dating equation into sharp relief for men. She is the best gateway to the mentality of the opposite sex. Her experience, as a woman, with female dating clients, with her educational background, and with my experience with women are incorporated into clear understandings of what went well...and more importantly what didn't. Dating by itself is not easy, but it's fun, with much better results, if you're both learning and doing. Antonia represents the learning and, more importantly, the doing. She gets you there, period. The results for me are night and day. People look for easy alternatives to learning and experience, with results to match, unfortunately. The money spent with her is money well spent. No lies, no cheats, no buyer's remorse. 

-Nigel, 35

Antonia is a wonderful coach. She’s really helped me understand and get comfortable with the dating process so that I can enjoy the date and getting to know the other person. I feel like I can go to her with any situation and get advice that’s direct and honest but also very supportive. - Mike, 32

With Antonia as your guide, you will experience some unexpected truths about dating. First, that while luck plays a role, so too do skills. Second, the skills can be learned. Third, the skills can be learned much faster with a good coach such as Antonia. Fourth, with skills, you substantially increase your odds of achieving your dating goals and even enjoying the journey. Fifth, with skills, you decrease the odds of burnout or despair along the way.  What makes Antonia more than a good coach, but a great coach, is the insight, clarity, experience, efficiency, and warm, non-judgmental attitude she brings to your journey.

-Adam, 52

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